Math Worksheets for 6th Grade

The math worksheets below are for students in 6th grade (11 years and older). The worksheets include percent and ratio word problems for practise. Each question has both an answer and explanation to help aid with learning.
The worksheets are organised according to topic and offer question variety to help students with their practise. Free, printable versions of these worksheets are available on the links below to download in PDF format. This format makes it easy for educators to provide students with additional practice materials outside of class, and it also allows students to work on math problems at their own pace.
These worksheets are great for classroom use for teachers, tutors and parents or students who are looking for more resources to practise after school. Additionally, these worksheets can be used as a form of assessment, allowing teachers to quickly and easily assess students' understanding of key math concepts. Overall, they are designed to be both challenging, fun and engaging! We hope you enjoy!