Math for Money for Social Impact

Earn 2% APY on dollars while the rest goes to incentivizing children to do math. You earn while they learn.

Financial Education for Children Everywhere

We believe that developing basic numeracy skills are crucial for the educational development of any child. It is because of this belief that we are driving an innovation in social giving through our Jam Dollar programme. The program allows individuals to buy these digital "Jam dollars", the proceeds of which are used to invest and earn a return that supports financially needy children.

How it works

  1. Buy Jam dollars. Jam dollars are backed 1:1 to real dollars.
  2. Receive a monthly report with your impact and earnings
  3. Withdraw anytime

Compound Your Impact

Put your money to work while powering future education. Each child in our program receives $10 in pocket money per month.

Our APY is equivalent to a savings account with major institutions except that you know that your money is funding childrens' education.




  • Finance 1 month worth of pocket money for a child



  • Finance 6 months worth of pocket money for a child



  • Finance one year's worth of pocket money for a child

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