The Team

Our Philosophy

We focus on developing numeracy because studies have shown that conceptual math skills developed from a young age have the biggest impact on financial literacy in adulthood. Our platform tests problem solving, logic and critical thinking to improve children’s numeracy skills.

Numeracy, at a basic level, is the ability work with numbers in the real world. We focus on two core areas:
1) Competence in using and understanding numbers, and 2) Confidence to apply them in the real world.

In The Media


  • “Her interest, attention and focus was absolute - I was quite amazed”. Mark, Parent

  • “Pocketjam is very fun to play with. I can never get enough of it. Thank you so much!” Natalie, 8 years old

  • “I enjoy PocketJam and think that it can very helpful to learn maths” Isa, 13 years old

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