Subtraction word problems for 1st grade

These subtraction word problems are great for ages 6 and older who are looking to improve their subtracting skills.

Raj had 4 fish, but one fish died. How many fish does Raj have left?

Liv has 4 books. She gave 2 books to her friend Jimmy. How many books does Liv have left?

Daisy has two shoes, but she lost one. How many shoes does Daisy have left?

Mom has 6 mugs, but 2 mugs broke. How many mugs does mom have left?

Greg planted 5 flowers, but 2 flowers died. How many flowers does Greg have left?

I have 3 sweets. I eat 1 sweet. How many sweets do I have left?

Meg has 5 cupcakes, but her dog ate 1. How many cupcakes does Meg have left?

Dad has 3 tomatoes. He uses 2 tomatoes to make a salad. How many tomatoes does he have left?

Evan has five candy bars. He gives two candy bars away. How many candy bars does Evan have left?

Spot the dog had 8 doggy biscuits, but he ate 3. How many doggy biscuits does the Spot have left?