Multiplication word problems for 3rd grade

These multiplication word problems are great for ages 8 and older who are looking to improve their multiplying skills.

The Christ the Redeemer Statue in Brazil is 30m high. The Statue of Liberty in New York is 3 times higher than Christ the Redeemer. What is the height of the Statue of liberty?

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  • Explanation

    If the Statue of Liberty is 3 times higher than Christ the Redeemer, multiply the height of the statue by three:
    30 m x 3 = 90m

Which of these gives the largest answer:
6 x 4
4 x 6
12 x 2
8 x 3

If one octopus has 8 arms, how many arms would four octopuses have all together?

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  • Explanation

    Multiply 8 arms by four octopuses to find the total number of arms:
    8 x 4 = 32

Sol has 3 egg cartons that can hold 6 eggs each. How many eggs can Sol hold in total?

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  • Explanation

    If he can hold 6 eggs in each carton, multiple each carton by 6:
    3 cartons x 6 eggs = 18 eggs
    3 x 6 = 18

Sophia has 4 times more money than Richard. If Richard has $8, how much money does Sophia have?

Chetan has 3 times more toy cars than Jeff. If Jeff has 3 toy cars, how many toy cars does Chetan have?

Sanjay lives 9km from school. Dan lives 9 times further from school than Sanjay. How far away from school does Dan live?

Noli put her money into a savings account a few years ago. Her money is now worth 3 times the original value. If she put $7 into savings, how much is her savings worth now?

Carlos has 6 sets of lego and each set has 7 pieces. How many lego pieces does Carlos have in total?

There are 7 cows in a field. If each cow has 4 legs, how many legs are standing in the field all together?