Division word problems for 3rd grade

These division word problems are great for ages 8 and older who are looking to improve their dividing skills.

Jen has 45 cupcakes to give to her classmates. How many cupcakes will each of Jen’s classmates get if she has 9 classmates?

Kerry is collecting money from her neighbours for a local charity. She has 6 neighbours who donated a total of $54. If they all donated the same amount, how much money did each neighbour contribute?

Tamara has 49 blocks in 7 different colours. How many blocks are there for each colour, if they’re equally divided?

Amber and two friends went to a restaurant and ordered the same thing. The bill comes to $18, which they decide to split equally. How much does each person pay?

  • Answer


  • Explanation

    Don’t forget to include Amber! Amber + 2 friends = 3 people.
    18 ÷ 3 = 6
    Each person pays $6

A school donates 50 doggy treats to a pet shelter. If each dog gets 5 doggy treats, how many dogs are in the shelter?

Harry bought 12 balloons for a class party. If each child received 2 balloons, how many children are in Harry’s class?

You go to the movies with your two friends and the cost of the movies comes to $30. You split the cost equally. How much money does each person pay?

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  • Explanation

    Don’t forget that there are three people at the movies (you + 2 friends).
    $30 ÷ 3 = $10

Mom and dad go to dinner and the bill comes to $26. They decide to split the bill equally. How much money does each person pay?

Rory has 36 oranges and 3 baskets. She wants to divide the oranges up evenly amongst the 3 baskets. How many oranges does she put in each basket?

Ben has four times less candy than his brother. If his brother has 16 bars of candy, how much candy does Ben have?