Our App Features

Check out the tools and features available in the Math For Money App!

Set a Pocket Money Amount

Choose a monthly pocket money amount that can be unlocked each week as your child solves math challenges.

Set Savings Challenges

Add savings targets to give your child a goal to work towards.

Weekly Reporting

A weekly report is sent to your email which keeps you updated with your child’s math progress and the pocket money unlocked to date.

Math Problems to Improve Core Skills

Our content is focused on word problems to improve your child's problem solving, arithmetic and critical thinking.

Level Up as You Learn

The math challenges adjust to your child’s ability and allow them to level up to more difficult questions as they get more questions correct.

Habit Building

Our app nudges children to complete weekly math challenges to create a lifelong habit of learning.

Financial Education for your Child

Designed for children ages 6 - 14, Math For Money gives them the opportunity of learning great money habits by teaching them to both earn and manage their own pocket money. This helps them develop the healthy money habits and financial confidence.

Incentive-based Pocket Money Tool for Parents

We’ve built a platform that helps teach your child the value of hard work and rewards from a young age. Our platform automatically updates you with pocket money earnings and math progress each week.