Subtraction word problems for 2nd grade

These subtraction word problems are great for ages 7 and older who are looking to improve their subtracting skills.

A pet store had 8 puppies for sale. They sold 2 puppies. How many puppies do they have left in the pet store?

Alex’s dad is a baker. This morning, he baked 10 loaves of bread. If he sold 7 loaves of bread during the day, how many loaves does he have left?

My family is going on a road trip. The total drive is 9 hours long, but we have already been driving for 5 hours.
How many hours are left until we arrive?

I have 6 friends at school and 2 of those friends are in my class. How many of my friends are not in my class?

I have 5 English exercises that I need to do for homework this week. I did 2 exercises yesterday. How many English exercises do I still need to do?

I lived 14 blocks away from my school. My parents decided to move closer to school, so now I only live 4 blocks away. How many blocks closer did we move?

The aquarium has 13 sharks in a tank. They released 5 sharks back into the ocean. How many sharks are left in the tank?

I had $9. I spent $3 at the mall. How much money do I have left?

Enzo and I went for milkshakes. The bill came to $5. If Enzo’s milkshake cost $2, how much did my milkshake cost?

You receive 20 coins to spend at the store. You buy a book for 7 coins and a soda for 2 coins.
How many coins do you have left?